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There’s no better way to understand our harmonious relationship with nature than by experiencing it first-hand. Whether its exploring Hong Kong’s wetlands, addressing climate change, taking part in community events or finding simple ways to reduce your ecological footprint, WWF can help you learn to live sustainably and help bring you closer to our unique, diverse environment.

Take your support for environmental conservation a step further by getting involved in the many programmes, initiatives and events WWF has to offer.
Windmill powering a waterpump on the Monte Leon estancia. Monte Leon National Park, Patagonia, ... / ©: James Frankham / WWF

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Visit Mai Po

A haven for thousands of migratory birds during autumn and winter, and bustling with vibrant insect life and plump gei wai shrimp in the spring and summer, the wetlands around the Mai Po marshes and Inner Deep Bay offer visitors a chance to experience Hong Kong’s biodiversity first-hand.

As reserve manager of this designated Ramsar site and protected site of scientific interest, WWF can help make visiting Mai Po easier by assisting with organised tours.

 / ©: WWF-Hong Kong
Flock of birds
© WWF-Hong Kong

Act Locally

There are many ways for individuals to take action to live in harmony with the environment, and many start at home and in everyday life. WWF can help you find ways to take action against climate change, reduce ecological footprint and become engaged in local conservation events and initiatives.

As a modern city with a robust commercial sector, Hong Kong faces certain specific challenges that WWF is equipped to address. Find out more about the ways you can work alongside WWF to act locally.

Kids in Mai Po / ©: Rubin Chua / WWF-Hong Kong
Kids in Mai Po
© Rubin Chua / WWF-Hong Kong

Build a Sustainable Business

Local businesses and organisations are powerful allies in WWF’s conservation efforts. Improving sustainability and reducing ecological footprint have the dual benefits of protecting the environment and making good business practice.

 / ©: WWF / Richard Stonehouse
Climate Business Action Day
© WWF / Richard Stonehouse

Walk for Nature

The Mai Po Walk For Nature is an annual event happening around the end of the year and is unique chance for visitors to experience the beauty of the Mai Po natural environment while enjoying and learning about WWF's conservation work. See the details of our Walk For Nature.
 / ©: WWF-Hong Kong
Walk for Nature 2010
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