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Protecting Our Seas

Over the past few decades, almost 7,000 hectares of our waters is lost to reclamation. Uncountable amount of marine species have lost their homes, while fishermen have had to abandon their fishing grounds.
But all is not lost. At WWF, we believe that by working with parties across different sectors and taking right actions, we can revive our marine ecosystems.
How WWF is doing? 
  • We make use of our scientific expertise to advise and persuade the government to set conservation priorities and establish Marine Protected Areas to conserve ecologically important habitats.
  • We engage and work closely with local fishing communities to explore win-win practices for both the environment and the people.
  • We protect Chinese white dolphins —Hong Kong’s iconic marine species— by better protecting their habitats and involving the local community.
  • We tackle the marine litter problem by identifying black spots and sources, as well as carrying beach clean-ups

WWF would like to extend our special thanks to the Swire Trust for supporting the Sea for Future project. This project aims to safeguard the future of marine life in Hong Kong and restore our fisheries resources by increasing Hong Kong’s Marine Protected Areas to cover at least 10 per cent of our waters (including no-take zones), by providing a protective network covering all important habitats and species, and by ensuring that local fisheries operations are developed and managed in a sustainable manner.
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Marine Ecological Hotspot Map
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Marine Ecological Hotspot Map (Print version)
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