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Let Nature Shine

06 February 2018

The 60+ symbol has become a fixture of the annual Earth Hour every March. Earth Hour is a global movement which brings millions together across the world to call for action on climate change. But switching off your lights is only the start and there are many more ways to show your support and care for the future of our planet.
Earth Hour is an excellent opportunity to cultivate a global perspective on issues such as climate change and biodiversity in the younger generation.
This year’s Earth Hour theme is “Let Nature Shine” and focuses on how global climate change disrupts the balance of nature and negatively impacts humans and wildlife.
The impacts of climate change on ocean biodiversity and how this affect life on earth is the focus on some of our Earth Hour education materials this year.  Check out the educational poster we created.
Here are other ways your school can get involved in Earth Hour.
  • Pledge online to show your support at earthhour.hk. Show Hong Kong that the younger generation cares about the environment and the future of the planet

    Apply for an Earth Hour school talk on climate change and ocean biodiversity here. The talk will be delivered by the WWF-Hong Kong education team at your school from January-March 2018.
  • Carry out low carbon actions on campus, such as turning off all non-essential lights during lunch hour!
  • Help students to promote the Earth Hour message to the wider community. Activities include Earth Hour themed photos to share on social media, dressing up as endangered marine species or shooting mini movies to raise awareness.
Let’s get more students involved in this iconic global environmental conservation initiative and together we can change the future!