Joint Letter to Suspend the Approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment of CLP Floating LNG Terminal Proposal | WWF Hong Kong

Joint Letter to Suspend the Approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment of CLP Floating LNG Terminal Proposal

09 July 2018

To Director of Environmental Protection Department (EPD) and members of Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE),
Electricity generator CLP has released a proposal to construct a floating LNG storage and regasification platform off the Soko Islands, south of Lantau. The construction of the LNG terminal would inevitably compromise the surrounding waters, affecting species of conservation concern such as the Chinese white dolphin, finless porpoise and other vital fisheries resources.
We are writing this open letter as a group of concerned cetacean experts, fishermen, conservationists and business operators, to urge the Director of EPD and members of ACE to put the approval of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) on hold until more stringent supplementary information on noise and water modeling is provided by CLP as follows:

1. Underwater noise (over 160 dB) propagation modeling for the project location should be constructed to test how far the noise from piling activity and operation unit will travel to measure the damage to the hearing of cetaceans and fish species.

2. A cooled water dispersion model conducted in the EIA report did not cover the worst-case scenarios particularly for coldest winter months, where water temperatures could drop 9°C further, causing severe shock to the surrounding seabed habitat and fisheries resources.

3. All types of piling (including vibratory and percussive) should be banned during peak occurrences of finless porpoises from December to May.
We strongly question this LNG project and find important information is either missing from the report or is incomplete. The EIA report should be put on hold by the EPD and the ACE.

Signatories (in Alphabetical Order):
-ADM Capital Foundation
-BLOOM Association (HK)
-Designing Hong Kong 
-Dr. Brian Kot, Director, Cetacean Virtopsy Lab   
-Dr. Leszek Karczmarski and Mr. Yuen-Wa Ho(Ph.D. Candidate), Cetacea Research Institute and The University of Hong Kong  
-Dr. Lindsay Porter, SMRU Hong Kong, The University of St. Andrews
-Eco-Education & Resources Centre
-Green Power
-Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society
-Hong Kong and Kowloon Fishermen Association
-Hong Kong Fishery Alliance
-Hong Kong Fishermen's Association
-Hong Kong Fishermen Consortium
-Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong
-Prof Yvonne Sadovy, The University of Hong Kong
-Save Lantau Alliance
-The Conservancy Association
-Thomas Tue, Eco Association
-WWF-Hong Kong