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Earth Hour 2020 – Our Planet Our Business Hong Kong joins a global hour without lights to support sustainability

28 March 2020

  • Earth Hour 2020 brought together people, businesses and landmarks in nearly 190 countries and territories 
  • In Hong Kong, nearly 4,500 companies, organizations and buildings supported Earth Hour 
  • The next generation made their voices heard, with more than 100 primary and secondary schools joining in
  • Hong Kong’s famous “Symphony of Lights” was suspended in honor of the event
  • Other iconic Hong Kong landmarks including The Tsing Ma Bridge, IFC, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Government House and the Legislative Council complex all went dark for Earth Hour 2020 
Today people across the globe came together as one for Earth Hour 2020 to show their commitment on tackling climate crisis and the deterioration of biodiversity on the planet by switching off non-essential lights for one hour starting from 8.30pm. WWF’s landmark action and the world’s largest collective environmental movement, Earth Hour calls for urgent action in the community and across different sectors in the way we live and the way we do business to put sustainability and the zero-carbon lifestyle at the centre of decision-making. 
In Hong Kong, Earth Hour 2020 was supported by nearly 4,500 companies, organizations and buildings, along with more than 100 primary and secondary schools and numerous prominent Hong Kong landmarks. As countries around the world are facing public health challenges, WWF-Hong Kong brings Earth Hour through on-line platform to every home by streaming the Earth Hour movements live on Facebook page to engage a wider community in Hong Kong and overseas.  
WWF is honoured to have Mr. Leung Wing Mo, Adjunction Professor, Department of Land Surveying and Geo-Informatics, PolyU, and Mr. Jason Chan, Earth Hour Ambassador joining Mr. Peter Cornthwaite, CEO of WWF-Hong Kong in the digital action and sharing their insights on sustainable living and sustainable fashion. The historic moment of lights out in the Victoria Harbour is a wake-up call for all to rethink the future of our planet where people and nature can thrive.
Mr Edward M. Ho, Chairman of WWF-Hong Kong’s Executive Council, was pleased with the strong participation in Earth Hour 2020, “I am very glad to see that the people and businesses of Hong Kong are united and continuously committed to a better future for our planet, bringing Earth Hour to another successful year by turning off their non-essential lights as a symbol to lead a sustainable way of life. It is our mission here at WWF-Hong Kong to connect people to nature, and to promote sustainable living and avoid overconsumption of natural resources, which can place heavy burdens on our planet. A sustainable future for the Earth relies on all of us, and simple actions such as turning off unnecessary lights or saying ‘No’ to single-use plastics can have a big impact to sustain our living planet. It is a big challenge but together we can make it possible!”
In support of Earth Hour 2020, Mr. Kam-sing Wong, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, said, “Tackling climate change always needs concerted effort just like we work together to fight the virus now. Timely actions are needed for the global community to meet the Paris Agreement. The HKSAR Government is committed to the implementation of ‘Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2030+’. In the recent Budget, more than HK$10 billion is earmarked for a series of green measures, including the newly introduced ‘Green Tech Fund’ to promote green technologies and innovations for accelerating low-carbon transformation. Hong Kong is making solid progress in decarbonisation in recent years, and the peaking of its carbon emission was reached in 2014. Per capita carbon emission has decreased from 6.2 tonnes in 2014 to 5.5 tonnes in 2017. It is anticipated that Hong Kong’s per capita carbon emission will progressively drop to 4.5 tonnes in 2020, and further reduce to about 3.3­–3.8 tonnes in 2030. Undoubtedly, climate change is a global crisis. We must step up our efforts in decarbonisation. The Government has further launched ‘Low Carbon Living Calculator’ to help encourage everyone to lead a low carbon lifestyle in respect of clothing, food, living and travel. Let’s join hands to ‘Change the Way We Live’.
Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of China Everbright International Limited, Earth Hour’s lead sponsor for seven consecutive years, said that, “Humans have only one planet, and it is our responsibility to make it a beautiful homeland, which is an unshirkable responsibility of every individual, community, region and countries across the Earth. The green development philosophy initiated by the Chinese government has been deeply rooted in the minds of its people, and the idea of ‘lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets’ have become a consensus. Since Everbright International established Everbright International Protection Charitable Foundation in 2013, the foundation has been focusing on ecology as its priority and the green development. It is devoted to charitable initiatives relating to environmental education, energy-saving and ecological conservation. In the meantime, as a leading player in China’s environmental protection industry, Everbright International has been turning decay into magic, draining away contaminants and bringing in clean water, through advanced environmental protection facilities and effective management. In doing so, it fulfils its environmental and social responsibilities, and safeguards the environmental safety and health of people in the urban and rural areas. This year, the epidemic has made the ‘Earth Hour’ countdown a more special event. Everbright International will make full use of its advantages in treating medical waste to ensure environmental safety as part of the epidemic control. In future, Everbright International will strive for its goal of becoming a world-renowned ecological and environmental management group, and will make more positive contribution to the protection of the Earth, through carrying out its new development strategy that focuses on the areas of environment, resources and energy.”
Some of Hong Kong’s most recognizable landmarks and iconic buildings also turned their lights off to support Earth Hour, including the Tsing Ma Bridge, International Finance Centre, the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, International Commerce Centre, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, Government House, the Chief Executive’s office and the Legislative Council complex. The daily harbour front light show “The Symphony of Lights” was also suspended for Earth Hour. 
Along with the official lights-out event on 28 March, other awareness-raising activities included the Island House Festival to celebrate eco-friendly lifestyles; a pledge between WWF and leading food delivery companies to help reduce single-use plastics; and a tram parade to share sustainable messages. 
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