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Big Bird Race is WWF-Hong Kong’s longest-running birdwatchers event. Generating strong enthusiasm locally and from overseas, the event has grown in the last three decades, attracting teams that will vie to spot the most species in 12 hours. For novice birdwatchers, we have a secondary-school race (for Trainee teams) to give young participants a chance to learn more about birds and birdwatching through a full-day training course and participate in the Big Bird Race. Funds raised by teams directly contribute to the habitat management of Mai Po Nature Reserve, to give birds and other wildlife a better home.

Professional Race





Youth Team Race

Alongside the annual professional race, we launched a new race for secondary-school students last year with a full-day training course provided prior to the 4.5 hour race. The secondary school race aims to help young participants learn more about nature in a practical and engaging way, while grooming the next generation of bird-lovers to take part in the conservation of Mai Po Nature Reserve. This race also aims to emphasise the importance of securing the management of Mai Po Nature Reserve. The second edition of the Youth Team Race rides on the huge success of last year's inaugural event. Results from this race will contribute to the data analysis of the Mai Po Nature Reserve management. Click here for Race Arrangements.  


Theme Bird 2021

Common Name Saunders's Gull
Scientific Name Saundersilarus saundersi
Global Population ~14,400
Diet Mudskippers, crab, fish and worms
IUCN Status Vulnerable(VU)



Registration closes for Secondary School Race

21 January 2021
Registration closes for Professional Race 22 January 2021
Fundraising Award submission deadline 19 February 2021
Kick-off Ceremony 19 February 2021
Big Bird Race 2021 & Prize Presentation ceremony 20 February 2021
Donation submission deadline 29 March 2021

Donation receipts issued
(For donations of $100 or above)

On or before
30 April 2021

Award Prizes and Winning Teams