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Double Diamond Members

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Members' voices

"The Head office of Crystal Group and its factories in the Pearl River Delta have joined the Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) and the Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP). These schemes enable us to monitor our carbon emissions performance, rapidly adapt to changing business needs and attract other forward-thinking companies to collaborate with us. These two programmes help us stay competitive and definitely affect our bottom line – attracting like-minded, high calibre customers, while fulfilling our responsibility to Mother Earth. The invaluable knowledge and experience of WWF allow us to learn more to make a positive difference for our environment."

Mr Kenneth Lo
Crystal Group


"Without a sustainable environment mankind will not have much of a future. Hence, environmental conservation is not an option but simply a must!"

Mr Hans Michael Jebsen
Jebsen Group


"Whether As Individuals, Corporations, NGOs Or Governments, We Must All Do Much More To Protect What’s Left of Planet Earths Nature. Only If We All Proactively Engage In A More Effective And An Increasingly Powerful Conservation Drive, Biodiversity And Quality Of Life For All Will Stand a Long-Term Chance!"

Mr Markus Jebsen
Executive Chairman
MF Jebsen International Limited


"Environmental protection is a long term commitment that would not have been possible without support from each and every one of us – the government, business organisations and individuals. Let’s join force and build a greener Hong Kong for ourselves and the future generations!"

Mr Frankie Yick
Wharf Limited