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Members' Voices

"Over the years, we have participated in most of the events organized by WWF, in particular in Sustainable Seafood Sourcing and Ocean Friendly Menu, and purchasing in accordance with the Low Carbon Living Appliances Guide. Other activities include LOOP, Earth Hour, talks on Low Carbon Living, Marine Conservation and visits to the Mai Po wetlands. Through these events, ourselves and all our colleagues and friends have widened their knowledge and come to know more about Mother Earth and the importance of preserving energy and wildlife in the world. We pledge to make more efforts to spread this news to all we come across and continue to take part in all these events."

Carthy Limited
Green Team

  • Crystal International Group Limited
  • Hang Seng Bank
  • Hayco Group
  • Henderson Land Group
  • MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited
  • Thermos Hong Kong Limited