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New Sustainable Seafood Items are around the corner

Posted 22 August 2014
New Sustainable Seafood Items are around the corner

We often receive news about new sustainable seafood items becoming available in Hong Kong. Watch this space for the latest updates!

Available now! ASC-certified Basa

A sustainable choice for this popular fish is finally available in Hong Kong at one of the biggest supermarket chains! Why not consider switching to this sustainable option to alleviate the negative environmental and/or social impacts of your appetite?

Next change! MSC-certified Toothfish

The Hong Kong government plans to step up its act to ensure toothfish traded in Hong Kong are legal, you can more from the news here. To ensure your toothfish is sourced legally and sustainability, start to buy MSC-certified toothfish now!

Coming soon! Watch out for ASC-certified Shrimp

The ASC shrimp standards came out in March this year. Given the recent wave of reports on the poor environmental and social conditions in which shrimp are farmed, especially in South East Asia, it is certainly worthwhile to consider consuming/serving certified shrimps. We anticipate certified-shrimps on the Hong Kong market soon!

If you’d like to know the supplier’s contact for the above products or other sustainable seafood products in general, email us!

For those who are new to MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) and ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council), these are the two global certification systems for wild caught and farming seafood respectively. If you are interested, more information could be found from the following links: