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Hong Kong Tatler Best Restaurants Guide promotes sustainable seafood

Posted 22 August 2014
The Hong Kong Tatler Best Restaurant Guide showed their strong appetite for sustainable seafood in their latest guide. In fact, it is their policy not to recommend dishes that include endangered species or other environmentally unsustainable animal products, such as Bluefin tuna, Chilean seabass, wild sturgeon caviar and shark’s fin. Indeed, as highlighted in the Guide, “consumers should take responsibility for what they eat” and they also call on consumers to “think carefully before taking momentary pleasure in food that causes vast and permanent damage to the environment”.

With numerous restaurant options to choose from in this gourmet paradise, Hong Kongers often follow food guides to try different cuisines and restaurants. Therefore if food guides can use food sustainability as one of the selection criteria in assessing the food and restaurant, alongside proper education of such concepts inside the guide, it will be tremendously helpful for the consumer and also set the bar for the food industry.

While we are striving to work with conscientious partner(s) to make that happen in the near future, why don’t you show your support to marine conservation by asking your favorite restaurant to offer more ocean-friendly seafood? Every bite makes a difference!