Earth Hour 2016 Kicks Off With Innovative “La Nature” Exhibition! WWF-Hong Kong proudly launches celebrations for the tenth Earth Hour | WWF Hong Kong

Earth Hour 2016 Kicks Off With Innovative “La Nature” Exhibition! WWF-Hong Kong proudly launches celebrations for the tenth Earth Hour

Posted 02 March 2016
Earth Hour, the world's largest collective environmental action launched by WWF-Australia in 2007, will be held this year at 8:30pm on 19 March. To celebrate this momentous occasion, WWF-Hong Kong is organizing a series of events and activities to promote the collective lights-out action and encourage everyone to start living a sustainable lifestyle. The event that is kick starting these activities is the public launch of a special show flat exhibition called “La Nature”. La Nature is not only the mock up of a flat with smart items and green tips which fill every room, it is also a living demonstration of the philosophy of the sustainable lifestyle. WWF hopes that after seeing La Nature, people will begin living a sustainable lifestyle in their own homes.
La Nature will run from 2 to 8 March at iFUNCTION, located on the 3rd floor of iSQUARE in Tsim Sha Tsui. Today’s kick-off ceremony welcomed officiating guests from WWF and our lead sponsor who unveiled the exhibition and officially began Earth Hour 2016. Ms Irene Chu, Chairperson of WWF-Hong Kong’s Finance Committeeexplained that “During our daily lives, our bad habits and our overconsumption of natural resources inevitably place a heavy burden on our planet. To help better connect Hong Kong people with nature, we designed and created this “green flat” to encourage visitors to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and support Earth Hour at the same time. The future of the Earth is in our hands, and small actions like turning unnecessary lights off or buying fewer clothes can help sustain our living planet.”
Mr Wang Tianyi, Director of the Everbright International Environmental Protection Charitable Foundation, the exhibition’s sole sponsor told the crowd that, “Climate change is threatening the Earth and human beings. Every person, organization and enterprise should begin to show their concern about this global issue. We have now been collaborating with WWF for three consecutive years to promote Earth Hour and conserve our living planet. Let’s show our support for this campaign and start practicing low carbon living today. With your participation, let’s turn our lights off for a brighter future.”
For this year’s milestone tenth Earth Hour, WWF will focus on creating a sustainable lifestyle for the future. WWF is calling on everyone in Hong Kong to support this campaign. By taking part in the symbolic “lights-out” moment, we can all show that we are determined to create a better future. Living our material lives in this material world allows us to have an enviably high quality of life; yet we seldom think about how our lifestyles affect the Earth’s resources. By adopting a sustainable lifestyle and reducing wasteful consumption we can start to turn the tide.
Mr C.W. Cheung, Senior Head of the Climate and Footprint Programme at WWF-Hong Kong said that “according to the Living Planet Report 2014 and Global Footprint Network, if everyone on Earth were to live the way Hong Kong people do, we would need 3.1 planets to meet our demand for resources. Today, Hong Kong people consume 540 times more natural resources than the territory can provide. This difference, known as our “ecological deficit”, is the largest in Asia and the third-largest in the world”. Mr Cheung reminded Hong Kong people to remain vigilant to their consumption habits, and encouraged everyone to consume less and consume wisely by changing our lifestyles and giving up some unnecessary luxuries.
The La Nature flat promotes the spirit of Earth Hour at every level. Made up of an exterior metal frame and filled with eco-friendly home decorations and furniture, the items are also accompanied by smart reminders which demonstrate green living. A home is a sanctuary, but our comfort and aesthetics should not come at the expense of the health of our planet. La Nature helps us all reflect on the impact of our lifestyles on the planet, and gives us some important green tips to make our lives more sustainable.
This novel exhibition focuses on helping people adopt a holistically sustainable lifestyle. “Living green” is an environmentally-friendly, smart lifestyle which involves much more than simply recycling; it also involves making sustainable choices on what we eat, how we clean and what products we buy – for example opting to choose sustainable seafood and green daily necessities and upcycling food waste.
To celebrate the tenth Earth Hour, the La Nature exhibition will also include highlights from previous Earth Hours. WWF will also be holding glass jar “mini terrarium” workshops on 5 and 6 March (Saturday and Sunday) at the venue. Please bring along your unwanted glass containers (like honey jars or jam jars), and learn how to give your old glass new life and create your own mini garden!
Earth Hour 2016 Activities

The Earth Hour 2016 La Nature Exhibition
Date: 2 - 8 March 2016
Time: 2 March, 3pm - 9pm
3 - 8 March, 11am - 9pm
Venue: iFUNCTION – 3/F iSQUARE, Tsim Sha Tsui
Highlights:  1. Environmentally-friendly show flat with smart green tips
2. 10th Earth Hour milestones exhibition
3. Old glass jar mini terrarium workshops during the weekend of 5 and 6 March. Learn to create your own mini garden and give new life to your old glass jars!
Enquiries: / 2526 1011
The Earth Hour 2016 Countdown Event
Earth Hour 2016 will be held at 8:30pm on 19th March. WWF will organise a countdown event at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to celebrate the iconic “lights-out” moment. We urge everyone in Hong Kong to support Earth Hour and give the world hope for a brighter future – join us and turn off your lights! Also – don’t forget to click on the website and make a pledge now at!

One Earth Mission 2016 
The spirit of Earth Hour means much more than switching off our lights for one hour. At its heart, Earth Hour is about human beings making meaningful changes to our lifestyles to ensure the sustainability of our living planet. Beyond Earth Hour, WWF will partner with four groups to organize four "One Earth Mission" activities. Registration will start from 10 March at!