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IKEA leads the retail sector by committing to 100% sustainable seafood

Posted 14 June 2016
Have you been to a Hong Kong IKEA store recently? If so, you may have noticed their promotions on Marine Stewardship Council- (MSC) and Aquaculture Stewardship Council- (ASC) certified seafood products. Next time you are there, look for MSC or ASC signage around the refrigerators and MSC or ASC logos on their seafood products.

Last September, the Swedish furniture giant announced that it will only purchase seafood from sustainable and responsible sources. This is good news for its 600 million-plus customers in 47 markets, as well as for the world! The company stated that all seafood products it offers in its re­staurants, bistros and food markets – including Atlantic cod, salmon and shrimp – will now come either from MSC-certified fisheries or ASC-certified farms. IKEA is also making certified sustainable seafood available to consumers in eight markets where it has not been available before, including Turkey, Thailand and markets in the Middle East.

Here’s a fact you may not have heard: IKEA’s food business was worth more than HKD$11billion in 2015, and generated five per cent of the company’s total revenue. Sales of seafood brought in about HKD$1.8 billion with salmon being the second-biggest seller behind meatballs. Companies like IKEA that are major buyers of seafood play a vital role in driving sustainability: they are “game-changers” that can ensure the sustainable harvest of the world’s marine resources. IKEA is demonstrating what leading businesses can do to ensure seafood sustainability, and thus inspiring consumers and the wider industry to support sustainable fishing and secure seafood supplies for future generations.

While it is not strictly necessary for retailers like IKEA to apply for MSC or ASC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, as the packaging of its seafood products – which bears the MSC or ASC logos – remains intact during the sales process; IKEA in Hong Kong has gone “above and beyond” by acquiring CoC certification to further showcase its determination to conserve global marine resources.