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Walk for Nature 2020 Exploring Mai Po’s unique biodiversity

Posted 08 November 2020
W4N 2020 kickoff
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Celebrating the best of Hong Kong biodiversity, WWF-Hong Kong organised Walk for Nature 2020 on 7 and 8 November at Mai Po Nature Reserve. This year’s event theme ‘Our Habitat.Our Home’ highlights the importance of Mai Po’s habitats and the reserve’s unique biodiversity. The yearly event offers participants the opportunity to understand the relationship between people and nature and learn about the importance of preserving wetland habitats for wildlife’s and our own wellbeing.
Officiating at today’s opening ceremony were Ms. Gigi Leung, Walk for Nature 2020 Ambassador and Mr. Peter Cornthwaite, CEO of WWF-Hong Kong.
Speaking at the event, Mr. Peter Cornthwaite highlighted the importance of wetlands conservation to help address the planet’s environmental challenges. “Humans and nature are linked with a shared future. The distinct habitats within Mai Po all play a vital role in sustaining local biodiversity. Yet, more than 80% of East and Southeast Asia’s wetlands are now classified as threatened due to human activity. Protecting wetlands around the world should be an urgent priority for policymakers. Here in Hong Kong, we urge the government to conserve all remaining wetlands as a nature-based solution to build resilience against the impacts of climate change.”
Ms. Gigi Leung remarked, “Mai Po Nature Reserve is filled with nature’s wonder and surprise. Apart from the tens of thousands of migratory birds that descend on Mai Po each winter, the reserve is also home to thousands of wetlands species. Enjoying quality time in the fresh air and taking in Mai Po’s stunning scenery with friends and family will surely help participants cherish nature.”
This year, WWF-Hong Kong introduced a series of interactive workshops to engage participants in learning about the importance of wetlands conservation. Participants chose from three routes that offer such activities as yoga, art workshops or conservation field-work experience; along with the chance to meet Mai Po’s two new resident water buffaloes.
WWF-Hong Kong also launched at the event the ‘Connect with Nature’ mobile app, allowing users to discover Hong Kong’s amazing natural environment. With the Connect with Nature app, participants can join in a range of interactive games and challenges to explore the city’s unique biodiversity while learning about the importance of preserving them.
W4N 2020 kickoff
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