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Go beyond Earth Hour, Commit to a daily green challenge!

Posted 03 April 2012
The spirit of Earth Hour continues in Hong Kong even after the “lights-off” event on 31 March, as WWF-Hong Kong introduces several online activities to call on people not only to conserve energy for one hour, but to go beyond that hour and set their own energy saving targets for the long-term.

Earth Hour enjoyed overwhelming response this year. Over 6,500 cities in 150 countries participated in the event and the global community has shown it is united in its commitment to a sustainable future. In Hong Kong, the government, all universities, more than 340 schools, 3,300 buildings and companies joined the global event. Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation has been the lead sponsor for the third consecutive year and shows full support for the various promotional activities of Earth Hour in Hong Kong.

Saving energy is easier than you think. By making a few changes in your daily habits you can cut energy consumption by several percentages! WWF-Hong Kong has introduced the following
“I Will If You Will” online interactive platforms to help you to continue practising sustainable living every day:

“ I Will If You Will” Celebrity Challenge

Challenge a celebrity to live a greener life!

Select a celebrity (Kay Tse, Chet Lam, C AllStar), make your pledge for personal energy saving targets, then submit or vote a video of “I Will If You Will” action for the celebrity to carry out. It can be a “go beyond the hour” green action or a fun action.

The celebrity will pick up one of the most favorite actions and put it into practice as a reward to the pledged individuals and encourage everyone to set their energy saving targets. A video of the celebrity will be shared on the website later.

Let’s share this challenge with others.
Website: wwf.org.hk/earthhour
Challenge period:11 April to noon, 2 May

“ I Will If You Will” Energy Saving Challenge

You can pick your challenge from the three energy saving menus (3%, 5% and 10% energy saving targets) designed by WWF, and inspire others to take their own challenge.

After choosing the menu and submitting your photo or slogan, the top 5 voted challengers will be awarded WWF’s gifts with Earth Hour ambassador Kay Tse’s autograph.

Dare the world to save the planet! Set your own target and check out how the DJs from Commercial Radio 2, Donald Tong, Amber Au and Danny So set and achieve their energy saving goals in “My 10 days”!

Website: wwf.org.hk/earthhour
Deadline:noon, 16 April