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Lifelong Learning

Posted 08 August 2013
Island House ambassadors
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WWF-Hong Kong’s Island House Footprint Education Programme for Primary Schools and Community Participants, which is financially supported by global financial firm UBS, aims to provide educational opportunities for both young and old.

Twenty-four people from diverse backgrounds, from students to retirees over the age of 55, were trained as Island House ambassadors. Nine of these ambassadors came from the Elder Academy of Lingnan University.

During three full-day training workshops, WWF’s Education Team taught these ambassadors about the concept of the ecological footprint, sustainable lifestyles, the history of Tai Po, the architectural features of Island House, plant species at the centre, interpretation skills, and WWF’s mission and work.

The ambassadors put their new knowledge and skills to good use during five open days at Island House, held between November 2012 and January 2013. They worked as interpreters during guided visits and managed games booths. Island House is a declared historical monument, making it the perfect setting for retired people to share their experiences and histories with visitors. The visitors were impressed and commended the ambassadors on their knowledge.

Retirees are a valuable resource for society. Encouraging senior members of society to perform voluntary work and provide training to enhance their skills and confidence should be a high priority.

In the future, Island House ambassadors will continue to lead tours and share their abundant knowledge with the community.
Island House ambassadors
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