2000 nature lovers joined WWF's Walk For Nature at Mai Po

Posted 15 October 2006
15 October 2006
2,000 nature lovers joined WWF's Walk For Nature at Mai Po Nature Reserve on 2 consecutive Sundays, 15 and 22 October 2006, to explore this important wetland habitat for migratory birds and wildlife in Hong Kong and South China. The Walk aims to raise public awareness about Hong Kong's precious wetland environment and WWF's work to preserve the freshwater habitats and species resident in the Reserve.

“We were greatly encouraged by high turn out of corporations and individuals for the Walk. The increase in their interest in joining the Walk and understanding of wetland conservation issues will further enhance our chances of conserving our precious natural environment. We hope that the public can have a better understanding of nature conservation while enjoying a nice day out in the reserve,” said Mr Markus Shaw, Chairman, WWF Hong Kong.

The participants were given the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the gei wai, fishponds, mangroves and freshwater marshes of Mai Po and join a special role-play game to experience the life of mudskipper, buffalo, Black-faced Spoonbill and dragonfly at the reserve. A total of 8 interactive checkpoints were also set along the 5-km route to facilitate participants' understanding on WWF's management work for the nature reserve.

“We have just completed another five-year management plan for Mai Po from 2006 to 2010. Our primary objectives are to increase the diversity of habitats appropriate for South China coastal wetlands and the richness of native wildlife in the area. We also wish to further promote the use of the area for educational purposes as well as, to realize the training potential of the reserve as part of the Ramsar Site,” continued Mr Shaw.

“WWF will continue to manage Mai Po for the benefit of wildlife and the people of Hong Kong and South China despite the fact that our subvention from The Government to manage the reserve has declined over the past few years. Therefore, each donation made by the public is making a difference for future generations ,” stated Mr Shaw.

Also joining the Walk were Mrs . Stella Hung, Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation and entertainment celebrities Mr. Lam Fung, Miss Bernice Jan Liu, Miss Toby Leung and Mr. Vincent Wong.

WWF has been working in Hong Kong since 1981 to ensure a better environment for the present and future generations through implementation of a wide range of focused conservation and environmental education programmes in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

WWF has been managing Mai Po Nature Reserve since 1984 for the benefit of people and wildlife in Hong Kong and China. This year, WWF ha s selected the first batch of outstanding wetland conservation projects for Asian Waterbird Conservation Fund to help enhance the conservation status of migratory birds at the important wetland habitats in the East Asian – Australasian Flyway.

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15 October 2006
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15 October 2006
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15 October 2006
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