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Asian Waterbird Conservation Fund

The Asian Waterbird Conservation Fund was established in July 2005 to provide financial support for projects at sites of importance for migratory waterbirds (including seabirds) in Asia along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF). 

Since its inception, it has supported more than 36 projects with far-reaching impact including: 

  • Training workshops in Mongolia, China, Thailand and Indonesia to improve waterbird monitoring skills of students, local NGOs, local communities, new surveyors and government officials.
  • Regular monitoring work confirmed important sites for waterbirds in Kamchatka (Russia), Rudong (China), Cox’s Bazar (Bangladesh) and Deli Serdang (North Sumatra). 
  • Awareness-raising activities – in the form of talks, exhibitions, workshops and field trips – benefited over 14,000 local communities and over 8,000 students and teachers. 
  • High involvement amongst the local community provides better protection for waterbirds. Locals would report cases of bird hunting and local hunters signed an agreement to protect waterbirds.
  • Immediate increases in breeding success were observed in Red-crowned Crane at Hui River National Nature Reserve in Inner Mongolia; and swan geese and white-naped crane at Daursky State Nature Reserve in Russia. 
  • The fund also helped places like Dashinchilen Tsagaan Wetlands in Mongolia to become an EAAF Network Site.