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Climate and Energy

Together, we can help change climate change and transform Hong Kong into a low carbon city which is powered by a higher percentage of renewable energy.

Climate change is without doubt one of the most serious challenges currently faced by humankind. Every one of us has a part to play in reducing carbon emissions and ensuring that the warming of the average global temperature is kept to below 2°C above the 1850 baseline temperature.

WWF's global objective is for the world to develop an equitable low carbon economy by 2050. In pursuit of this goal we are engaging with governments, businesses, organizations and ordinary citizens around the world as we work on issues related to low carbon and climate policies, the development of clean and smart energy, forests, climate finance and climate business engagement.

Though a small territory, Hong Kong has a large part to play in combating climate change. As a highly developed city, we have the resources to put in place forward-thinking energy strategies and provide a best practice example to other nations in the region. For example, 70 per cent of the fuel mix used to generate our electricity is still fossil fuels; by increasing the portion of electricity generated by renewable sources like solar and wind power, we can significantly reduce our carbon emissions. Likewise, by implementing demand-side management policies, we can reduce our overall electricity consumption.

WWF is currently advocating our Hong Kong Energy Vision 2050 strategy to the government, which, if fully implemented, will see energy-saving policies, demand-side management and a progressive increase in the use of renewable energy sources combine to reduce Hong Kong’s carbon emissions by an extraordinary 90 per cent by 2050.