Environmental Finance | WWF Hong Kong

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WWF-Hong Kong’s Environmental Finance team engages with institutional investors, lenders, underwriters and finance sector influencers in Hong Kong and Asia-Pacific to improve their integration of environmental risks and opportunities, guiding their decisions and actions taken to contribute to environmental and conservation outcomes. In particular, the team aims to improve the sustainability of financial institutions’ financial flows and investments.  In support of this, the Environmental Finance team, made up of former equity analysts, publishes thematic research, such as: No Middle Road: The Growth of Electric Vehicles and Their Impact on Oil and the Climate Primer for Institutional Investors.
The team’s latest report, Shrinking Plastics: Implications of Tighter Regulations on the World Industry, published in September 2019, looks at the financial impact of potential plastics regulations driven by growing public awareness, and identifies companies that are most likely to experience pressure on profits, as well as growth opportunities in plastic recycling.
Beyond advocacy, the Environmental Finance team works on impact-oriented green financial products and initiatives, including the forthcoming Climate Impact Asia Fund, a listed equity fund targeting companies whose products or services create environmental benefits. The team aims to leverage Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre to originate and develop commercially viable projects with environmental and conservation impact, either directly or via capital markets, with funding sourced from public as well as private institutions.