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Environmental Finance

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Climate change is a major issue that goes beyond visible catastrophic risk. One area where climate change risk most likely lurks is embedded in your investment portfolio. WWF-Hong Kong is responding to growing awareness among institutional investors about climate change risks to their investments. While some investors in Europe and the US have been taking action on the issue, this type of awareness is currently relatively low in Asia. It is our mission to raise awareness on climate change among local institutional investors. Understanding the need for positive returns to your portfolio, we believe that returns need not be sacrificed for a greener portfolio.
Our two finance experts, who are long-time veterans of the investment banking industry, together with our scientists, engineers and policy professionals, have published a 160+ page document to provide fundamental knowledge of climate change for the institutional investor community in Asia. The report provides an overview of the science of climate change, an articulation of global policy around the issue, a survey of technological approaches to the problem, and an outline of the various financial entities and resources involved in addressing climate change. 
We held a series of workshops from August to December 2018 for qualified institutional investors and other financial professionals. For more details on these and other potential workshops, please email environmentalfinance@wwf.org.hk.


WWF-Hong Kong is working to effectively use global capital markets to facilitate climate change mitigation and adaptation, and become an effective conduit for climate finance-related information to the institutional investment community in Hong Kong and throughout the region, while improving transparency in Asia-Pacific listed corporations. With an aim to help the Asian investment community gain a greater understanding of carbon risk and its effect on corporate balance sheets and income statements, we work to influence the investment community and advise them on the risks and opportunities involved with climate change and how to incorporate them into their investment decisions. We also strive to educate the public of climate risks by encouraging them to avoid investing in carbon-intensive stocks, and helping them seek green or sustainable funds as investment options.