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What can businesses do?

Business activities account for a significant proportion of carbon emissions, both in Hong Kong and around the world. To help the corporate sector go low-carbon, WWF has devised several unique programmes that not only help reduce emissions but also bring tangible benefits to companies. 
© Mauri Rautkari / WWF
© Mauri Rautkari / WWF


WWF’s Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) offers a suite of tools to help office-based businesses in the commercial sector reduce their carbon emissions. Innovative and easy to use, the LOOP provides comprehensive coverage, helping both companies and their employees reduce their environmental impact.

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WWF’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) is the first programme of its kind in the world. Offering manufacturers a carbon accounting and labelling system, the LCMP engages factories operated by Hong Kong companies and their international customers. The programme’s goal is to ensure that low carbon manufacturing practices are learned, practiced and then properly implemented along the supply chain.

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