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Reasons to join the LCMP

By providing manufacturers with a tool to measure carbon emissions and to help them strive towards best practice, the LCMP ensures low-carbon manufacturing practices are properly learned and implemented along the supply chain, which is in line with mainland China’s national energy saving plan and carbon emissions reduction target.

Companies joining the LCMP enjoy the following advantages:

Improved energy efficiency, saving money in the long run

Implementation of LCMP measures will raise the energy efficiency standard to the best practice level and uncover operational inefficiencies; which is a simple and effective method of saving money in the long run.

Easy implementation – low or even no investment cost

Most of the measures suggested in the LCMP pilot phase involved low investment cost, or even no investment cost. The average payback period ranges from one to three years. It is relatively easy for companies with an existing ISO system to follow the guidance of the LCMP tools and incorporate GHG management into their existing system.

Attract new customers and retain existing customers

Nowadays, consumers across the world pay attention not only to the price and quality of products, but also to a brand’s transparency and its efforts to control carbon emissions. Showing that a business is in control of its carbon emissions is an excellent way to help retain customers and attract new customers.

Stand out in global competition

By joining the LCMP, companies can build up a solid carbon management framework effectively. By cooperating with WWF, a leading global conservation organisation, companies can benchmark themselves against other global competitors, and stand out amongst their competitors.

Prepared for future global regulatory challenges

Carbon tax is an inevitable regulation, one which will soon be in force around the world. By joining the LCMP, companies will be well-prepared for a new legislative environment and new regulations on carbon emission control and data disclosure rules which may be drafted within any country at any time - including countries forming a company’s supply chain.

Demonstrate vision to shareholders and investors

Companies joining the LCMP make obvious their management’s vision in meeting global requirements on carbon emissions. When a LCMP company is compared with a company that simply meets individual customer’s expectations on an ad-hoc basis, it is quite clear that LCMP membership is a distinct highlight for both shareholders and investors.