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Together, we can restore Hong Kong’s waters to their former beauty and abundance, for the enjoyment and benefit of ourselves, our marine ecosystems and our fishing and tourism industries.
The sea is the source of all life on Earth, a vast, seemingly inexhaustible resource which humanity has depended on – and taken for granted – for centuries. For years, our dependence and carelessness have been causing harm to the world’s oceans and today our blue planet is in deep crisis. Globally, the ocean is one of WWF’s highest priorities and we are working on multiple fronts to repair the damage and begin to restore the seas to their former glory.
Hong Kong people have a profound connection to the sea. We are the second highest per capita consumers of seafood in Asia, eating an average of 71 kg of seafood per year – taken from fisheries all around the world. Hong Kong is also responsible for 50 per cent of the world’s shark fin trade.
Decades ago, Hong Kong’s sub-tropical waters teemed with an abundance of marine life. Indeed, the city began its life as a fishing village and for many years this industry thrived. But development, pollution and over-fishing all took their toll and our marine biodiversity has been decimated. Today, our marine ecosystems, while still diverse, lie on the brink of total collapse.
WWF-Hong Kong is working to create positive change in our oceans. Our programmes encourage people and businesses to stop eating, serving and shipping shark fin; to stop consuming unsustainable seafood; to actively participate in protecting precious species like the Chinese white dolphin and Finless porpoise; and to reduce coastal and marine litter.
If we work together, these positive changes are possible.