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Supporting Sustainable Seafood

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Choosing sustainable seafood ensures that our future generations will still be able to feed from the sea.

The effect if majority of Hong Kong people choose sustainable seafood could be significant—per capita speaking, Hong Kong people rank the second in consuming seafood in Asia, and the eighth largest in the world. Every one of us consumes 65.5 kg of seafood on average per year, which is more than three times higher than global average. Most of our seafood is sourced from local water and imported from the Asia-Pacific region and around the world. Therefore, the choices we made as consumers are instrumental in supporting sustainable fisheries, restoring the depleted local fish stock as well as regionally and globally.
	© JŸrgen Freund / WWF
© JŸrgen Freund / WWF

Seafood Choice initiative

Globally about 90% of our commercially important fisheries are either fully or over-exploited: in 1950, the global production of seafood was approximately 20 million tonnes, with the majority coming from wild capture fisheries. By 2014, total global production had grown more than eight-fold to 167 million tonnes, with about 56 per cent coming from wild capture fisheries. Increasing consumer awareness on choosing sustainable seafood and having fishery practitioners to adopt responsible and sustainable practices are imminent.
While we lobby governments globally to invest in ocean protection and deliver science-based fishery policies, to help customers and industry practitioners to opt for sustainable seafood, our teams around the world also have tailor-made seafood guides for their locals . Hong Kong is one of them.

What WWF is doing?

  • tailor make seafood guide for Hong Kong’s market, which provide credible information on the environmental sustainability of different seafood commonly available in Hong Kong;
  • encourage consumers to choose, and work with caterers and the seafood industry to source sustainable seafood; 

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@ WWF-Hong Kong

@ WWF-Hong Kong

What is WWF Seafood Guide?

We create the seafood guide with one simple aim: to start a new dining trend that makes caring for our ocean consumers’ duty.

The Guide for Hong Kong covers more than 70 popular seafood species that can be found in local wet markets, supermarkets, frozen food shops and restaurants. And we divided them into “Green-Recommended”, “Yellow-Think Twice” and “Red-Avoid” categories for consumers to make informed decisions. All seafood species, wild caught or farmed, included in the Guide were rigorously assessed by marine scientists following stringent criteria compiled collaboratively by WWF and other NGOs.
Please note that all seafood assessment are species, production method and origin specific because whether a seafood is sustainable really depends on all these—it is not uncommon to see stocks of one species being sustainably harvested in one part of the world while being overfished in another, mainly due to different fishery management practices, e.g. the Southeast Asian leopard coral trout is overfished, but Australian leopard coral trout populations are relatively healthy. The former is in the “Red – Avoid” category while the latter is in the “Green – Recommended” category in the Seafood Guide.

So to be part of the solution, choose sustainable seafood according to our Seafood Guide. Download now!

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How do we drive change in business sector?

We also work with caterers and seafood industry on many levels and devise programmes specific for their sectors:

For Caterers: Ocean Friendly Menu Programme:
A great way to attract the growing number of potential customers that are interested in sustainable seafood: we assist caterers to source sustainable seafood, develop and provide a separate menu or additional menu containing only seafood from “Green  - Recommended” and “Yellow - Think Twice” categories. 

Please contact us via email for more information.
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For Suppliers: Ocean Friendly Catalogue Programme
It is designed to assist seafood suppliers in their procurement of sustainable seafood and serve as a resourceful platform for potential caterers who are looking for purchasing sustainable seafood. Participating suppliers are invited to develop an alternative catalogue that contains only Green - Recommended and Yellow - Think Twice seafood according to the WWF Seafood Guide. We will work with suppliers in assessing the sustainability of the seafood items.
The completed catalogues will be provided to those caterers who are interested in joining the Ocean Friendly Menu programme (OFM).

For interested suppliers, please contact us via email .