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Let’s clear our ocean of ghost gear!

People who spend time outdoors in Hong Kong would be well aware of the significant amount of marine litter that exist in our environment. “Ghost gear”, which includes abandoned fishing gear nets, pots, lines and hooks, are in the top 10 list of most commonly found marine litter in Hong Kong, according to the 2016 Coastal Watch marine litter survey. And they are not harmless: ghost gears kill marine life; with sharks, turtles, fish and birds dying from net entanglement, drowning, suffocation and other fatal injuries.
Over the past 10 years, few scientific studies have assessed the state of ghost gear in Hong Kong waters. We want to enlist the public to help provide more data that will contribute to the development of Hong Kong’s fisheries and waste management. 

Report your sightings via Ghost Gear Reporter! #hkghostgear

We strongly encourage everyone to report their daily ghost gear sightings when engaged in marine recreational activities. To file your report, we recommend using the app Ghost Gear Reporter, designed by the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI). Your findings will help us better understand the ghost gear situation in Hong Kong and beyond. You may also recommend the app to your friends. Let’s work together to clean up the ocean!


Please follow the instructions below for submitting your report. These instructions will help us retrieve the data from GGGI in the future.
  1. In the red circle, pick ‘Gear survey or cleanup’
  2. Enter ‘hkghostgear’ for the field ‘In connection with the activities of an organization’
  3. Share your findings on social media with #hkghostgear 

ECF - Sea Without Litter II
Ghost Gear Detective


Since June 2019, our “ECF Sea Without Litter II - Ghost Gear Detective” has been turning ghost gear sightings into a baseline survey using citizen scientist methods. The programme has been training participants on how to collect scientific ghost gear data and chosen applicants have started conducting surveys. The data will also be uploaded to an international online ghost gear database, which will help in the development of fisheries and waste management.
The programme includes seminars, dive training and programme-sharing, with WWF-Hong Kong providing participants with a set of survey toolkit. We discuss the ecological impact of ghost nets, enjoy a safe survey dive, share our contributions, and together, make a difference to our oceans.


Application deadline
Introductory seminar
23 or 29/06/2019
Dive training
Data Collection
Interim review
Results sharing

For enquiries, please contact

Gordon So
Project Officer, Oceans Conservation
Phone+852 2161 9653

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