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Our People

Senior Management

Peter Cornthwaite

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Peter Cornthwaite, Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Peter Cornthwaite joined WWF as CEO in June 2016, after 35 years government service in Hong Kong, to steer necessary changes to policies, programmes and organisational direction, including transforming the Mai Po Nature Reserve into a 21st century Nature Classroom to enable our community to connect with nature and engage schools and youths in citizen science.

Peter leads our experienced team of experts fully engaged in local biodiversity and conservation issues, the management of wetland and marine reserves, and regional work on critically endangered species. WWF addresses policy issues in climate and energy, market transformation, wildlife crime, sustainable fishing and supports our community through activities at our WWF visitor centres. Read more about WWF Hong Kong in CEO update and the WWF HK booklet on the vision to  Transform HK into Asia’s Most Sustainable City . 
Peter holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and sits on the board of Raleigh Hong Kong and is an external advisor to both Youth Outreach and Hong Kong Baptist University. He retired as Assistant Commissioner of Police in 2015 after 35 years of government service.  
CEO update Transform Hong Kong into Asia's Most Sustainable City

Thomas Leung

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Thomas Leung, Director, Finance
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Director, Finance
Thomas Leung joined WWF-Hong Kong in 2012 as the Director of Finance. He is responsible for the financial and legal management of WWF-Hong Kong. Thomas has decades of experience in finance – he holds a degree in Accountancy and an MBA, and is a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Yamme Leung

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Yamme Leung, Director, Education
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Director, Education
Yamme Leung joined WWF-Hong Kong in 2001 as an Assistant Education Officer. Now the Director of Education, he oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of school education programmes at all WWF centres. Yamme also works closely with the South China Wetland team to develop and monitor education work in South China. He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Management.

Nicole Wong

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Nicole Wong, Director, Corporate Affairs
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Director, Corporate Affairs
Nicole Wong joined WWF-Hong Kong in 1999 as an Education Officer at Mai Po. After nearly ten years in the field, Nicole became Director of Education in 2010, leading the development of WWF’s local and regional education programmes. Currently, she is the Director, Corporate Affairs and responsible for the overall management of organizational operations and corporate affairs. Nicole is a member of Country and Marine Parks Board. 
Our Team

Karen Ho

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Karen Ho, Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability
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Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability

Karen Ho is the Head of Corporate and Community Sustainability for WWF-Hong Kong’s Climate programme. She works on climate and energy issues in Hong Kong and China, engaging with businesses and industries across the spectrum to initiate, lead and oversee the development of climate programmes. An accomplished senior executive, Karen held senior management positions in several Fortune 500 companies prior to joining WWF. 

Samantha Lee

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Samantha Lee, Assistant Director, Oceans Conservation
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Assistant Director, Oceans Conservation
Samantha Lee joined WWF in 2010 as a Senior Marine Conservation Officer. She has led local marine conservation programmes on Chinese white dolphin conservation, sustainable fisheries management, marine protected areas and marine litter and is WWF’s spokesperson for marine-related development work. She holds an M.Phil degree in Biology and is one of Hong Kong’s foremost soft coral and gorgonian experts.

Jean-Marc Champagne

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Jean-Marc Champagne Climate Finance Advisor
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Climate Finance Advisor
Jean-Marc is WWF-Hong Kong’s Climate Finance Advisor, advising institutional investors on climate change-related financial risks. Previously, he worked in the investment banking industry for 17 years with Merrill Lynch, BNP Paribas and most recently at Jefferies, where he held the post of Senior Vice President - Equity Derivative Sales. He left in mid-2015 to join WWF, hoping to make a contribution to our society and the world.

Dr. Xianji Wen

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Dr. Xianji Wen, Assistant Director, Mai Po Nature Reserve and Regional Wetlands
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Assistant Director, Mai Po Nature Reserve and Regional Wetlands
Dr. Xianji Wen joined WWF-Hong Kong in 2001. He leads the habitat management of Mai Po Nature Reserve and the Wetland Management Training Programme, and runs regional programmes focusing on conservation and the wise use of wetlands. The author of books and scientific papers, Xianji worked in China’s Yunnan Province for over a decade, leading projects concerning wild birds and their habitats.

Alex Wong

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Alex Wong, Education Manager, One Planet Youth
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Education Manager, One Planet Youth
Alex Wong first joined WWF-Hong Kong in 2002 and worked in the Education Department for ten years. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Sociology, he re-joined WWF in 2015 as a project manager, overseeing a two-year citizen science project in Mai Po. Alex is now Education Manager for One Planet Youth, and is responsible for youth ESD programmes.

Cecily Yip

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Cecily Yip, Assistant Director, Education
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Assistant Director, Education
Cecily has been an educator in WWF-Hong Kong since 2004. She specializes in education programme development, collaboration with schools, teacher professional development and programme evaluation. Cecily is currently studying to obtain a Master of Research degree in Educational and Social Research in the hopes of invigorating and strengthening ESD programming in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region through research.