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Mr Philip Mok

Mr Philip Mok is the president of Hong Kong Tennis Association and the co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Verde Holdings Limited, an apparel design and manufacturing company based in Hong Kong and China. Since its conception in 2001 the company has expanded rapidly, serving major international brands.

Mr Mok also holds a special interest in internet ventures and was a co-founder of, an education-related portal in China, and, an e-commerce platform in Hong Kong.

He believes strongly in giving back to society and serves as a Trustee and Executive Council Member of the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong and a member of the Board of Governors of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation.

Mr Mok received his BSc degree from Johns Hopkins University and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is also well known in Hong Kong tennis circles, having won several championships in local open veterans’ tournaments and served on the council of the Hong Kong Tennis Association since 2011. He is the Association’s current President, and was also elected to the board of the Asian Tennis Federation in 2017.