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Urban Oasis

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WWF-Hong Kong Visitor Centres

Island House

Learn more about the history of this heritage site and its natural surroundings, which is home to 140 plant species, ranging from ferns to mature trees.

Hoi Ha Wan

Home to more than 60 corals and 120 fish species, WWF’s Hoi Ha Wan Marine Life Centre offers opportunities to appreciate our valuable marine resources.

Mai Po Nature Reserve

WWF eco-visits are the best and simplest way to experience the beauty of Mai Po, Hong Kong’s bird paradise.

Upcoming WWF Activities

Hoi Ha Wan Festival

Discover sustainable solutions, join eco-guided visits around this heritage building site and take part in workshops, film screening and talks from conservation experts.

Gei Wai Harvesting

Explore the gei wai inside Mai Po Nature Reserve and discover the traditional management practices of these tidal shrimp ponds.

Green DragonxMai Po

Make friends with Green Dragon at our Central Sustainability Hub then enjoy nature at Mai Po Nature Reserve!

Hoi Ha Wan Eco Visit

Learn about the global threats facing our oceans and discover some of Hong Kong’s marine treasures aboard our glass-bottom boat.

Secret Garden Tour

Step away from the hustle and bustle, sign up for a guided visit around our Island House grounds.

Coastline Discovery

Journey through time and discover the changes over the years along the coast of Tai Po and the importance of protecting our coastal environment.

Magic of Mai Po

A truly magical encounter of Mai Po’s thriving biodiversity in this half-day eco-visit.

Mangrove Boardwalk

Enjoy the unique experience of walking on a floating boardwalk in the middle of a magnificent mangrove forest and the remarkable view of Inner Deep Bay and its thriving mudflat ecology.

Night Safari

Discover Mai Po’s nocturnal inhabitants including fireflies, bats, frogs and the leopard cat.

Big Bird Race

Calling avid birdwatchers – this is your chance to join our longest-running supporter event as local and overseas bird-watching teams attempt to spot and record the greatest number of bird species in a 12-hour period!

Exploring Mai Po

Visit some of the most interesting spots at Mai Po Nature Reserve and glimpse some of the 2,050 species that form the reserve’s unique biodiversity.

Run for Wild

More than a race, Run for Wild is a chance to learn about wildlife conservation. Participants run in the “wild”, with obstacles that mimic the environment of the seven focus species.

Walk for Nature

Mai Po’s biggest walking event in November exploring the reserve’s rich biodiversity.

Flap Your Wings

Book a front-row seat to our most highly anticipated eco-visit and view migrating birds up close from a floating hide.

City Nature Challenge

Help put Hong Kong on the biodiversity map by joining this annual competition to document local wildlife using the iNaturalist app.