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Island House was built at the beginning of the 20th century and declared a heritage monument in 1983. Three years later, custodianship of the monument was handed to WWF-Hong Kong and has since operated as a Conservation Studies Centre. Amid the 140 species of plants at this historical site, WWF-Hong Kong delivers various activities, events and programmes highlighting the importance of conservation and adopting sustainable living solutions.
Our exhibition facility now features a Tx2 display, featuring hand painting and a virtual reality video for children and adults alike, promoting tiger conservation around the world and pledging to double the population in the wild by 2022. You can also learn about sustaining our oceans by reducing and recycling the plastic we use, renewable energy and efficiency or just have a coffee from our Solar Café and watch some informative videos. There’re a few sustainable products avaliable too. Ask our helpful staff for more details.
Other activities:
  • Guided Eco Tours
  • Geocaching – Eco Go
  • Photo Exhibition of Afican Wild life (Photography by Laurent Baheux)
  • Art Exhibition supporting Tiger conservation (Tiger inspired art by Hua Tunan)
Opening Hours of the sustainability exhibition centre
Wednesdays to Sundays (10am - 6pm)
Including public holidays, excluding the first four days of the Lunar New Year

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 Exploring Island House

	© WWF-Hong Kong
© WWF-Hong Kong


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