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Hong Kong Biodiversity

Our health and that of all species rely on nature's biodiversity

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Despite Hong Kong’s compact size and reputation as a “concrete jungle”, the territory has an extraordinarily high level of biodiversity. Few places in the world allow people to travel from the city centre to the middle of the natural world  in the space of an hour or less. Our world-class country park system is one of the best in the world and has been a regional example of conservation best practice.

Forty per cent of Hong Kong’s land lies within the country park system and special areas

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One-third of land in Hong Kong is not regulated by any statutory land use planning and control system. In particular, private land with ecological value is vulnerable to unauthorised habitat destruction activities, modification of land use and development pressure. 
A lack of adequate policy, legislation, management and urban planning puts many ecologically sensitive areas and biodiversity hotspots under threat from urbanisation, habitat destruction such as illegal waste dumping, and reclamation.


What WWF is Doing

We act as a watchdog for Hong Kong's natural environment, providing science-based solutions and working with stakeholders to develop a realistic and workable path forward. Our team examines development and town-planning issues, advocate on environmental issues as we work closely with government departments to provide recommendations on various policy issues. 

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