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Staff Engagement Projects
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WWF-Hong Kong believes that motivating people to take action to conserve the environment can lead to powerful multiplier effect. Having run a successful leadership training programme for over 10 years, WWF-Hong Kong is now collaborating with our corporate partners on a staff engagement programme. By taking part in a series of capacity-building and facilitation activities, each participant will become a Community Influencer who will multiply conservation impacts in their company and community through self-led action plans.

By partnering with WWF-Hong Kong and participating in staff engagement projects, corporates contribute to conservation efforts, benefit from increased employee engagement, better align themselves with global sustainability goals, and enhance their reputations. Together, we can make a significant impact and create a more sustainable future.


WWF-Hong Kong and Starbucks Asia Pacific have collaborated on a capacity-building programme to address a confluence of pressing issues: plastic waste, food waste and food sustainability. To take a proactive approach, the programme is focused on tackling the problem at its source. Starbucks’ partners in the region have undergone education and empowerment training by WWF-Hong Kong staff, learnt about nature conservation, food sustainability, waste management, and marine plastic pollution. Each participant then developed their own conservation project to reduce waste and decrease harm to the environment.

After the participants presented their innovative ideas, Starbucks explored ways to incorporate them into their business practices to positively impact their local communities and beyond. By allowing individuals to develop a passion to drive positive change, this collaborative effort helps create action on environmental challenges and develops sustainable solutions for the future.