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Youth Education Projects
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Through our innovative education programmes, WWF-Hong Kong encourages students and young people to become a voice for nature in their communities. By providing real-life experiences and fun, engaging activities, we inspire and empower young people to live sustainably and reduce their impact on the planet. In doing so, we hope to create a new generation of conservation and sustainability advocates. 

WWF-Hong Kong believes that environmental education is essential to raising awareness about global issues and inspiring solution-oriented action. Younger generations can leverage their unique insights and innovative ideas to solve environmental challenges, and through education and motivation, we can all benefit from their energy, enthusiasm and passion for creating positive change. Through corporate partnerships aimed specifically at young people, we can harness their power and ensure that the momentum for positive change continues long into the future, creating a legacy of a healthy, prosperous planet.


Covestro collaborated with WWF-Hong Kong on a project targeting primary school students called “The Story of Ocean Plastics – Outdoor Learning Experience and Action”. Held at Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and Island House Conservation Studies Centre, the students participated in hands-on experiential learning activities to increase their understanding and awareness of marine litter issues. Over 1,000 students from 19 schools took part in outdoor learning activities, took surveys on marine litter and microplastics, observed coral communities and made videos to deliver sustainability messages to their friends and families.
Participating teachers praised the programme, saying that the activities complemented the school curriculum and enhanced student knowledge of marine conservation and ocean plastics issues. 
Likewise, the participating students enjoyed learning outdoors and recognised the relevance of marine litter to their lives. They were impressed and inspired by the marine organisms and other coastal creatures they witnessed during the activities.


Plastic waste poses a significant threat to our planet, with millions of metric tonnes entering the oceans annually. Modern Terminals Limited plays a crucial role in initiating and driving a meaningful programme to tackle this issue. In collaboration with WWF-Hong Kong and Clearbot, the partnership worked together to combat marine plastic pollution.

The programme named Modern Terminals Cares for the Ocean offered eight educational sessions for various stakeholders including secondary school students. It provided a unique opportunity for participants to observe and control a clearbot, an AI-enabled robotic boat that collects marine litter. Participants also conducted coastal cleanup and carry out experiments using water samples to investigate microplastics. Facilitated discussions helped the students explore ways to solve the marine litter problem. 

Modern Terminals demonstrated their dedication to environmental sustainability and creating a plastic-free ocean. The partnership with WWF-Hong Kong and Clearbot successfully implemented the programme, inspiring and equipping young people to make a positive impact on our planet, generating innovative solutions, and contributing to the “No Plastic in Nature” goal.