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Latest updates to PSFSC demolition and rebuild
WWF is embarking on a project to rebuild the Peter Scott Centre to meet the needs of our Mai Po Community, whilst bringing the facility up to today’s environmental and building safety standards.

As a leading conservation organisation, WWF maintains a high commitment to environmental standards, and undertook a year of precautionary ecological checks at the Peter Scott Field Studies Centre prior to demolition and rebuild works. These are followed by monthly EM&A (Environmental Monitoring & Audit) reports for the duration of the demolition and rebuild works. 

The PSFSC building and forecourt at the site were closed for preliminary work ahead of demolition, which started in August 2020. Selective demolition was adopted, to reduce waste generation, noise and fugitive dust. Noise barriers were used for noise reduction of up to 18dB(A). 

The baseline study together with the August and September reports were finalised in February and are now available to read in the resources section of our Mai Po Community webpage. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at maipocommunity@wwf.org.hk