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Build a Sustainable Business


WWF’s Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP) offers tools to help Hong Kong’s office-based commercial sector to reduce their carbon emissions. Innovative and easy to use, LOOP provide comprehensive coverage in helping to reduce environmental impact.
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WWF's Low-carbon Office Operation Programme (LOOP)
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WWF has developed the Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP) for manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta to measure and report carbon performance.
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Low Carbon Manufacturing Programme (LCMP)

Sustainable Seafood and Shark Fin

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© Cat Holloway / WWF
Show your support for sustainable consumption by opting for sustainable seafood, no shark fin and no bluefin tuna at corporate events and your own catering business.

Join the ever-growing list of companies pledging support for no shark fin and bluefin tuna.

FSC Paper

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Sustainable Living - FSC products
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Paper is in high demand in most offices. WWF can offer advice on how to acquire FSC certified paper and other tips for using green paper. Join the ever-growing list of companies pledging support for FSC paper.

Corporate Support

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WWF-Hong Kong Corporate Membership Programme
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WWF-Hong Kong works with an ever-growing number of businesses in Hong Kong’s corporate sector to help them develop sustainable practices, engage staff members and promote corporate social responsibility initiatives. Click here to find out more about corporate support and the Corporate Membership Programme.