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Only 3,890 wild tiger are left globally

Adopt a tiger NOW! Help us to stop illegal poaching and restore their habitats


WWF’s Response to Criticism of Our Tai O Dolphin Watching Interpreter Programme, Marine and Dolphin Conservation Work

WWF-Hong Kong has long been endeavoring to protect our seas and dolphins. Since the inception of our Tai O Dolphin Watching Interpreter Programme in ...

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"Seafood Supply Chain Risk in Hong Kong Supermarkets"

WWF-Hong Kong Reveals Seafood in Local Supermarkets Contains Threatened Species, Banned Chemicals and Involves Human Rights Abuses Supermarket procurement policies must be improved immediately

Today, WWF-Hong Kong announced the results of an investigation called Seafood Supply Chain Risk in Hong Kong Supermarkets, detailing how Hong Kong ...

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The Coastal Watch 2015-16 Wrap Up and Awards Ceremony Marine litter surveys results show plastic is the number one component of litter, Coastal Watch urges everyone to pledge to “Knock Plastic Out of the Ocean”!

In June 2014, WWF-Hong Kong launched the ground-breaking Coastal Watch project. The aim of this two-year project was to continue the public ...

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Hung Lung Hang and the surrounding area. Areas marked in red identify unauthorized development activities these occupy 60 hectares of land in total.

WWF's response to the Government’s Operation to Combat Irregularities at Recycling Sites in Hung Lung Hang

The government recently held an operation which saw officers conduct a series of raids at 9 recycling sites in Hung Lung Hang in the New Territories’ ...

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Jump into the world of the ocean drifter!

One day, the waves bring you closer to shore. Then, suddenly, a crab appears next to you and puts you and many of your companions in its mouth! In ...

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