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Chinese white dolphins numbers have dropped by 60%, please save them!


WWF’s Response to Criticism of Our Tai O Dolphin Watching Interpreter Programme, Marine and Dolphin Conservation Work

WWF-Hong Kong has long been endeavoring to protect our seas and dolphins. Since the inception of our Tai O Dolphin Watching Interpreter Programme in ...

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WWF’s acheivements at IUCN’s World Conservation Congress

For ten days in early September, 10,000 attendees convened in Hawaii for the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s World Conservation ...

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Visually impaired visitors can feel the shapes of birds and listen to their sounds through bird models created by 3D printing technology. These models are also equipped with a sound system.

WWF’s Nature With No Barriers Project is Live! Mai Po is ready to welcome visitors with special needs during the upcoming birding season

In early 2016, with the support of HSBC, WWF-Hong Kong launched a three-year project called “Nature With No Barriers”. The project’s aim is to make ...

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Think twice before buying basa!

Think twice before buying basa!

The boneless, mild-flavoured basa fish (scientific name Pangasius) filleted and fried and served with various different sauces has been a popular ...

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To prevent the worst impacts of climate change, G20 countries must – at a bare minimum – meet the commitments they have made under the new global climate deal.

Green Finance: It’s time to get started

Just days before the opening of the latest G20 meeting in Hangzhou, China and the United States announced that they will formally ratify the Paris ...

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