WWF Hong Kong - Corporate Support
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Corporate Support

Hong Kong's corporate sector is among the most powerful in the world. WWF-Hong Kong works with an ever-growing number of businesses and organizations to help them develop sustainable practices, engage staff members and promote corporate social responsibility initiatives. With the help of the corporate sector, WWF hopes to establish Hong Kong as a leading green city to influence others in the region.

Corporate Membership Programme (CMP)

The CMP is a versatile platform that helps businesses get actively involved in both global and local conservation efforts.

WWF offers numerous ways for employees to enjoy hands-on field experience and volunteers programmes at Hong Kong’s top conservation locations, such as Hoi Ha Wan, Mai Po, Island House.

Staff can also access informative in-house lectures and environmental talks to cultivate a better knowledge of our ecological footprint and our relationship with the natural environment. 
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Corporate Member
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Build a Sustainable Business

Local businesses and organisations are powerful allies in WWF's conservation efforts. Improving sustainability and reducing ecological footprint have the dual benefits of protecting the environment and making good business sense. On top of the improvements to your bottom line, companies in Hong Kong can also become influential leaders further down the line, inspiring others with the way we do business.


WWF has formed strong partnerships with a number of businesses in Hong Kong, which have led to the creation of several innovative programmes that promote sustainability and educate the public on conservation issues.

WWF can help you find fun ways to raise funds, from dress-down days, payroll giving to charity breakfasts, bake sales and beyond. Whether its to show your appreciation for nature or spread the conservation message, eco-friendly activities offer a meaningful way to show your support.
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Staff Engagement
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Plastic is NOT Fantastic

The full implementation of the Plastic Shopping Bag Charging has commenced on 1 April 2015 at all retail outlets across Hong Kong, customers are charged for each plastic shopping bag they request.
WWF-Hong Kong would like to encourage retail outlets and merchants across Hong Kong to put the fees they collect to good use and donate them to WWF in support of our conservation and education work.

Event Sponsor

Each year, WWF's events attract attention from large sections of the community and the media. Sponsoring WWF events such as Walk For Nature or Big Bird Race is a great way to show your company’s support for the community and the environment.

Coins for Change

To make public donations as convenient as possible, WWF can coordinate the placement of donation boxes at retail stores, restaurants, hotels, housing estates and other locations.