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Community Engagement & Education

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Together, we can safeguard the future of our planet by educating the next generation to be environmentally conscious and motivated to live a sustainable lifestyle.
The future of our planet belongs to the next generation, and the subsequent generations which follow them. These are the people who will inherit the world, with its many environmental problems; they are also the ones who will be responsible for protecting the planet and restoring species and habitats. It is our duty to honestly, transparently and fully educate this generation – by providing them with real-world ecological experience and showing them people of today how to live sustainably and reduce their impact on the Earth.
WWF organizes an extensive and comprehensive range of educational programmes. These take place at our three outdoor classrooms, Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre and the Island House Conservation Studies Centre. These programmes are aimed at primary, secondary and tertiary students, as well as the general public, our corporate partners and other stakeholders from around the region. We work to educate today’s youth in line with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme objectives, promoting stronger commitment from the community for conservation through fun, engagement and real life experience.

We are constantly developing and evolving our programmes to take maximum advantage of the new types of media and technology. We also engage youth and volunteers through different training and experiential learning. By doing so we ensure that these programmes remain relevant and engaging, effectively transmitting the vital message that the Earth is our one and only home and that it is our duty to respect and protect it. 
 / ©: Stephanie Chan/WWF-Hong Kong
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© Stephanie Chan/WWF-Hong Kong