WWF Hong Kong - Sustainable Seafood Guide

Sustainable Seafood Guide

WWF has produced Hong Kong's first Seafood Guide to encourage seafood lovers in the city to consume sustainably-harvested seafood. This pocket-sized Seafood Guide aims to start a new dining trend that makes caring for our environment a necessity.

About the Guide

WWF offices worldwide and other organisations have produced a number of seafood guides in the past, however none of these provides sufficient data on the status of commercial and popular seafood species here in Hong Kong. It is not uncommon to see stocks of one species being sustainably harvested in one part of the world while being overfished in another, mainly due to different fishery management practices. For example, the Southeast Asian leopard coral trout is overfished, but Australian leopard coral trout populations are relatively healthy.

Consumers need to be informed so that they can make informed decisions that will help to protect our environment. The Guide for Hong Kong covers more than 70 popular seafood species that can easily be found in local wet markets, supermarkets, frozen food shops and restaurants that sell live fish.

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How Different Seafood Species are Assessed

All seafood species, wild caught or farmed, included in the Guide were rigorously assessed by marine scientists following stringent criteria compiled collaboratively by a number of WWF offices.

Wild-caught seafood - we examined in detail whether the fishery is sustainably managed, and whether the fishing methods used are destructive to the environment.

Farmed seafood - we looked into the impacts of disease and pollution, the use of medicine, and the origin of juveniles for farming.