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What Corporates Can Do
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A positive corporate image, including by supporting environmental conservation, is important for a successful corporation. Unfortunately, shark fin consumption at the corporate level remains high, accounting for 35 per cent of Hong Kong’s total shark fin consumption.

Make a difference by choosing sustainable seafood for your corporate events and join more than 190 elite companies that have made a No Shark Fin & Ray Corporate Policy. 

Protecting Sharks for Sustainable Business
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How Corporates Can Pledge to Say No to Shark Fin

Step 1. Develop a No Shark & Ray Corporate Policy with a complete ban on the consumption, trade, and promotion of shark, ray and skate products at all corporate functions. Download our template to help you get started today.

Step 2. Fill in the form and submit your policy.

Step 3. Upon receipt of all the required documents, your company name will be listed on WWF’s website.

No Shark FIn Corporate List
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See the difference you can make by choosing not to serve shark fin soup at your banquet: