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Whole School Approach

We see green shoots – Mainstreaming Sustainability in Local Primary School Curriculum

“It has always been our wish to mainstream environmental education in the local education system. Every little step brings us closer to that goal,” ...

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(Left to right) Tobi Lau, Manager, Local Biodiversity, WWF-Hong Kong; Patrick Yeung, Manager, Oceans Conservation, WWF-Hong Kong; and Andrew Chan, Senior Conservation Officer, Local Biodiversity, WWF-Hong Kong

Re: Public Engagement Report of Land Supply Task Force- WWF Urges “Brownfield First”, Marine Spatial Planning Before Considering Reclamation

In response to the release today of the Land Supply Task Force’s final public engagement report, WWF is deeply disappointed with the task force’s ...

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The Hong Kong public generously supported the flag selling fundraising event for marine life protection.

WWF Draws Support from 2,500 Volunteers for Flag Day

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Hong Kong Government Must Press On with Stronger Climate Pledges

WWF-Hong Kong has called on the Hong Kong government to press ahead with setting ambitious carbon reduction targets after diplomats from nearly 200 ...

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