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Corporate Governance at WWF-Hong Kong
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There are two types of WWF offices - national organizations or offices under WWF International which operate autonomously and raise money on their own behalf and those that operate under supervision by WWF International. WWF-Hong Kong belongs to the former type.

From the legal perspective, WWF-Hong Kong is a company limited by guarantee registered under the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32) of the Laws of Hong Kong. As a leading non-profit conservation organization, we command a high degree of public trust by virtue of the three pillars of our corporate governance – professionalism, integrity and transparency.

Professionalism – Executive Council

The governing body of WWF-Hong Kong is the Executive Council, where members are professionals from conservation, scientific and business fields with strong commitment to nature conservation. They serve on a voluntary basis, providing advice from their professional perspectives. They set the strategic direction, approve the annual budget and conservation programmes, and also monitor the operations of WWF-Hong Kong. The Executive Council meets four times a year with the Annual General meeting usually being held in November. Members of the Executive Council must be trustee members of WWF-Hong Kong and are elected by trustee members at the Annual General Meeting. Council members are appointed on three-year terms, and are eligible for re-election. Meanwhile, a number of sub-committees composed of experts are set up to enhance the breadth and depth of the Executive Council’s work. The chairman of each sub-committee sits on the Executive Council to provide professional advice on relevant issues. The sub-committees are:

Conservation Committee

Development Committee

Education Committee

Finance Committee

Mai Po Management Committee

Name List of Sub-committees Members

Integrity – beyond legal compliance

WWF-Hong Kong strives to adopt the best practices in corporate governance. We are a tax-exempt charity recognized under s88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap 112). Legal compliance is the top concern of every step we take, and as a good corporate citizen, we are committed to going beyond compliance.


Integrity: We live the principles we call on others to meet. We act with integrity, accountability and transparency, and we rely on facts and science to guide us and to ensure we learn and evolve.

Collaboration: We deliver impact at the scale of the challenges we face through the power of collective action and innovation.

Courage: We demonstrate courage through our actions, we work for change where it’s needed, and we inspire people and institutions to tackle the greatest threats to nature and the future of the planet, which is our home.

Respect: We honour the voices and knowledge of the people and communities that we serve, and we work to secure their rights to a sustainable future.

Transparency – Information Disclosure

WWF-Hong Kong understands that voluntary disclosure is essential in establishing public confidence. To ensure that financial resources are spent appropriately, we are committed to disclosing clear and accurate financial information for public scrutiny. Our financial accounts, prepared in accordance with the Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards, are independently audited by Mazars CPA Limited, and published yearly in our annual review.

We also committed to following a set of guiding policies to ensure that everything we do is carried out ethically. These policies give structure to WWF's global network and help us to integrate social dimensions into our conservation endeavours. Feedback is also important both to WWF and our partners because it helps us to continually strive for improvement.

Details of how you can send us your comments can be found on our Contact us page.