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Mai Po & Wetlands
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The wetlands scattered along the coasts of East and Southeast Asia represent stop-over and wintering habitats for tens of millions of waterbirds—represented by hundreds of species—to rest, feed and replenish energy reserves while undertaking the arduous journey of over 13,000 km, from breeding grounds as far north as the Arctic Circle to overwintering grounds as far south as Australia. Of the world's nine migratory flyways, the East-Asian Australasian Flyway (EAAF) is the migratory route with the greatest number and diversity of birds, including the greatest number of threatened species.


Apart from serving as vital habitats for tens of millions of waterbirds, wetlands provide a range of ecosystem services that are vital for human and other species' survival. Wetlands also serve as a natural defence to protect communities from climate change-induced disasters .

Our climate change impact model suggests that the remaining coastal wetlands in Mai Po will be important to provide future habitats for birds and support the EAAF migrations, and act as coastal buffers against climate change-driven sea level rise and storm surges.


Did you know?

Mai Po and the Inner Deep Bay provide food and habitat for over 60,000 birds from more than 400 species each year

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We are managing Mai Po Nature Reserve to be a staging and wintering ground for migratory waterbirds along the EAAF and for threatened indigenous biodiversity, and are striving to ensure that it is resilient to climate change.

The reserve also showcases the practice of gei wai as an example of traditional wise-use of wetlands, and is a regional centre for knowledge and awareness on wetland conservation.

WWF-Hong Kong will continue to develop and implement innovative strategies and approaches that contribute to a climate adaptation plan for the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar site to secure its conservation into the future.



Help our wetland conservation work by taking part in our flagship events at Mai Po, whether it's Walk for Nature, Big Bird Race or one of our Mai Po eco-visits!

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