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Mai Po Nature Reserve
© WWF-Hong Kong

Located on the northwestern corner of Hong Kong, the Mai Po and Inner Deep Bay wetlands are recognised as a Wetland of International Importance under the prestigious Ramsar Convention. For more than three decades, Mai Po Nature Reserve has been a paradise for birds and a beautiful, irreplaceable piece of China’s wetland kaleidoscope. 

The five main habitats in Mai Po Nature Reserve and the surrounding area  – gei wai, freshwater ponds, inter-tidal mudflats, mangroves and reedbeds – are home to a host of wildlife.

As a haven for tens of thousands of migratory waterbirds each year, Mai Po Nature Reserve and the surrounding Inner Deep Bay wetlands sets a prime example of conservation success for regional wetlands

© Martin Harvey / WWF

© WWF-Hong Kong
Mai Po Nature Reserve Management Plan: 2019-2024
An infrastructure upgrade and improvement programme is currently underway at Mai Po Nature Reserve, creating universal access and providing opportunities to empower people from different backgrounds and all sectors of society with important knowledge about wetland and environmental protection as well as sustainable development.
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Mai Po Biodiversity
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