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Wetland Incubator

© Credit-Neil_Fifer

Wetlands do not only provide important ecosystem services, but also play an essential role in mitigating climate change. However, more and more wetlands are converted into farmlands, buildings, roads and other infrastructure. Continued loss of wetlands will result in the collapse of an important ecosystem and reduce the resilience toward climate change.

WWF believes as problems grow in scale and complexity, we need future solutions and a creative multi-pronged approach to secure the future of wetlands and the iconic species that depend on it. With generous donation from HSBC, WWF has launched a Wetland Incubator project to find conservation solutions for future thriving flyways. The 3-year project intends to bring together conservationists, youth, scientists, academics and other stakeholders to form action teams and brainstorm solutions to secure the wetlands.

This project features 4 themes, focusing on Migratory birds, Mammals, Climate mitigation and adaptation and Future proofing wetland stewardship. We have recruited passionate teams to contribute their creative ideas safeguarding the future of our wetlands. The kick-off event was hosted on October 23, 2021, please stay tuned to our project updates!