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Out of the 13 species of otters worldwide, Hong Kong is home to one species of otter, the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra). Eurasian otters are mainly nocturnal and their mysterious activities during nighttime make it difficult to track their presence. Rampant human development and activities in wetlands might have threatened the life and habitats of these special residents. The fact that Eurasian otters inhabit Deep Bay in Hong Kong is rarely known to the public. Rapid development and construction across Deep Bay wetlands might have interfered with the ecology of Eurasian otters. Gradually, the quantity of this special species would diminish.

Therefore, we need your detective and scientific mind to observe and record otter signs to help us better understand their distribution and population status. We also need your inventive mind and nature-loving heart to help raise the public consciousness of otters by developing a series of awareness raising actions!

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For this action, participants will work at Mai Po Nature Reserve to conduct regular monitoring of one of its special residents, otters. What you can get from this action:

  • Investigate mammal distribution in Mai Po Nature Reserve and surrounding areas

  • Gain more knowledge on local mammals, and mammal surveying skills and techniques, particularly Eurasian Otters, and learn the importance of Mai Po wetland

  • Be a conservationist!

  • Get involved in local conservation and environmental innovation work

  • Meet friends with similar interests

Year 2 recruitment has started, join us now! 

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Otter Signs

We have been partnering with Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden to study otter population status and distribution using camera traps since 2021. We have designed an Otter Sign Identification Chart to help you identify their signs. Please report your lucky encounter in this form to help us better understand our otters! ​

Otter Sign ID Chart
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Let’s get designing! For this action, we offer a diversity of knowledge and skills for you to discover, ideate and develop your own otter awareness raising actions with a group of like-minded people.

What you can get from this action:

  • Gain more knowledge and spread awareness on Hong Kong otters and the importance of Mai Po wetland

  • Ride on World Otter Day (last Wednesday in May) to raise public awareness

  • Be a conservationist!

  • Get personally involved in local conservation and environmental innovation work

  • ​Meet friends with similar interests

The recruitment has ended. Please stay tuned to more updates!

Little Otter Painters | Colouring Competition 2022 

For Otter Education Design Team’s first activity, the team has designed a colouring competition. We would like to invite kindergarten and primary school students to become “little otter painters”, and by using their artistic skills and creativity to add colour to our lovely otters. This competition aims to encourage kids to learn more about Eurasian otters and wetlands.  

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