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Mai Po

Future Proofing Wetland Stewardship

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Planet Earth may need creative solutions combined with human discipline to see a better future. Utilising the skills of design thinking and social innovation, we may find a new path to cohabit with nature. Securing future wetlands is vital to us. We need more people engaged in wetland stewardship and help to drive collaboration to conserve our wetlands.

Walk & Pitch Competition

Are you full of innovative conservation ideas, but have no way to implement them?

Have you had trouble finding teammates?
Do you not have enough money to get started?
Experiencing difficulty getting a mentor?

Then the “Walk & Pitch Competition” is for you!

Making aquacultural stewardship a sustainable industry requires the collaboration of people with talents in business management, innovative technology and social sciences. This competition will select participants who will pitch their innovative ideas and solutions on a five-minute wetland walk. During that time, they must grab the attention and spark the curiosity of the judges – not an easy task! The chosen teams will compete for a project start-up fund of HK$50,000 that will turn their imaginations into reality. We hope this competition will create valuable opportunities that will help all participants realise their ideas and promote their start-up projects.  

Goal of the solution:
- Preserve or even enhance the ecological value of fishponds and aquaculture farms, e.g. Maintain fishponds and aquaculture farms for water birds to feed and rest; Maintain fishponds and aquaculture farms to provide breeding ground for different animals 
- Fishponds aquaculture farms serve as a “sponge” to mitigate flood 

Participants may pick one of the following challenges for their pitch:

- Incubate additional or alternative income streams and strategies for local aquacultural ponds.

- Create an innovative business model that will increase demand for or the accessibility of local aquacultural products.

- Develop a community programme to increase public knowledge about and the relatability of local aquacultural ponds and/or aquacultural products.

How to participate:

- Eligibility: 18 years old and above.

- You may compete individually or form a team of between two and five people. We may also suggest teammates to individuals according to ideas proposed in the submitted draft pitch decks.

- Attend the Walk & Pitch Competition online briefing to gain an understanding of the local aquaculture industry (click here to watch the recording)

- Download the draft pitch deck template (click here to download)

- Fill out the personal information via the below "Register Now" link and submit your completed draft pitch deck.


Competition Timeline:

7 Oct 2022 (Friday)

Registration deadline for the Walk & Pitch Competition online briefing

8 Oct 2022 (Saturday)

Walk & Pitch Competition online briefing 
- Learn about current challenges to local aquacultural pond management 
- Get more details on the competition  

30 Oct 2022 (Sunday)

Competition enrolment deadline

12 Nov 2022 (Saturday)

On-site field day 
- Visits to traditional and modernised fishponds   
- Participate in team building exercises  

26 Nov 2022 (Saturday)

Pitch day

Early Dec 2022

Announcement of finalists  

Dec 2022 to May 2023

Mentors assigned to guide and facilitate the finalists as they develop their proposals

Jun 2023

Final pitch day


Judging Criteria:
- Creativity
- Individuality
- Meeting the goals
- Conservation outcomes
- Fun and interesting


For more information and any enquiries, please contact ellachan@wwf.org.hk.


Youth Innovators

The next generation faces more challenges than ever as threats of climate change multiply. Protecting nature becomes a global task across industries and ages.

In Hong Kong, fishponds serve as an important buffer area for climate mitigation, however, traditional fishponds are disappearing and younger generation is losing interest in fishpond operation. How can we change this trend and turn fishpond operation into a promising and profitable sustainable business?

Time to get your creative juice pumping! For this action, participants will learn to collaborate with different stakeholders, understand wetland related social issues and create innovative solutions.

What you can get from this action:

  • Gain more knowledge on the importance of Mai Po wetland

  • Personal development (e.g. design thinking, social innovation)

  • Be a conservationist! Get personally involved in local conservation and environmental innovation work

  • Meet friends with similar interests

The recruitment has ended. Please stay tuned to more updates!