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Future Proofing Wetland Stewardship
© WWF-Hong Kong

Planet Earth may need creative solutions combined with human discipline to see a better future. Utilising the skills of design thinking and social innovation, we may find a new path to cohabit with nature. Securing future wetlands is vital to us. We need more people engaged in wetland stewardship and help to drive collaboration to conserve our wetlands.

Youth Innovators

The next generation faces more challenges than ever as threats of climate change multiply. Protecting nature becomes a global task across industries and ages.

In Hong Kong, fishponds serve as an important buffer area for climate mitigation, however, traditional fishponds are disappearing and younger generation is losing interest in fishpond operation. How can we change this trend and turn fishpond operation into a promising and profitable sustainable business?

Time to get your creative juice pumping! For this action, participants will learn to collaborate with different stakeholders, understand wetland related social issues and create innovative solutions.

What you can get from this action:

  • Gain more knowledge on the importance of Mai Po wetland

  • Personal development (e.g. design thinking, social innovation)

  • Be a conservationist! Get personally involved in local conservation and environmental innovation work

  • Meet friends with similar interests

The recruitment has ended. Please stay tuned to more updates!