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Deep Bay Wetlands
© Inner Deep Bay under the mist
Goal for Greater Bay Area

By taking a leadership role in the Resilient Deltas Initiative, WWF-Hong Kong works to ensure that development activities in the Greater Bay Area are environmentally sustainable and include nature-based solutions to sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services that support the well-being of people and development.

Wetland Management Training Programme

Nurturing talent on wetland conservation is key to maintaining the integrity of the East-Asian Australasian Flyway

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© WWF-Hong Kong

Mai Po is vulnerable to activities within the Deep Bay/Shenzhen Bay. Recently, the Shenzhen city government proposed to dredge a channel through the intertidal mudflats to allow 300-tonne tourist ships to navigate the bay. Because the mudflats are important bird habitats, this project could have severe impacts on Mai Po and other waterbird habitats in Deep Bay. Development projects such as these, and those proposed in the Greater Bay Area development plan, will undoubtedly affect Mai Po and other wetlands in the Bay.

Given these threats to the ecology of Mai Po, WWF-Hong Kong has included the Pearl River Delta in the WWF Network’s Resilient Asian Deltas Initiative, and will work with WWF China to assess the Greater Bay Area development plan and identify conservation priorities as well as develop a climate adaptation plan, and propose nature-based solutions for environmentally sustainable development.