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Our oceans are our planet's life support system.

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Hong Kong has a profound connection to the sea, from a thriving fishing village to becoming Asia’s second-highest per-capita seafood consumers. But unfettered development is putting our ocean under risk.


The future of Hong Kong’s marine environment is at stake. With government plans to continue reclaiming large tracts of land from the sea, our marine ecosystem is under continuous threat from new development as well as from plastic litter entering the ocean. We need to act now to conserve Hong Kong’s marine biodiversity.

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Hong Kong waters have a higher coral diversity than the Caribbean Sea, with Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park alone hosting more than 70 per cent of our local species.

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We are working towards achieving sound ocean governance by advocating that the government initiate ecosystem-based marine spatial planning to sustainably manage 100% of Hong Kong’s waters. This work includes ensuring that at least 30% of our waters are protected by 2030, by being designated as marine protected areas or through other conservation management measures. See how we are working to achieve these goals by clicking below.

Marine Protected Areas

MPAs are key to protecting our ocean. Learn about the seven priority sites in Hong Kong.

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Take part in our work to protect our ocean by signing up to WWF’s campaigns on marine protected areas, sustainable seafood and plastic litter. You can also donate to crowdfunding projects to save our corals, support other ocean conservation projects and join eco-visits to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park!