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Community Engagement and Education
© WWF-Hong Kong

The future of our planet depends on us all. Though the environmental challenges ahead of us are great, together we can tackle them to ensure that nature and humanity will continue to thrive long into the future.

WWF-Hong Kong is committed to safeguarding the future of our planet by empowering the next generation to become active global citizens who are environmentally conscious, and motivated to live a sustainable lifestyle.​

© WWF-Hong Kong

The primary mission of our Education Team is to create a new generation of conservation and sustainability advocates through fun, engagement and real-life experiences. WWF-Hong Kong aims to inspire and empower everyone with the values, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will enable society to conserve nature and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

In pursuit of this goal, WWF-Hong Kong has organised an extensive and comprehensive range of education and engagement programmes aimed at students, young people and teachers, as well as the general public, our corporate partners and other stakeholders from around the region.

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