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Hong Kong Inter-School
City Nature Challenge

Competition Dates: 4-10 November 2019 
Species Identification: 11-15 November 2019 

Following Hong Kong’s major success in the 2019 City Nature Challenge, WWF Hong-Kong is organising a friendly inter-school biodiversity competition that will continue to gather more information on the city's urban ecology. 


What is it?

A week-long inter-school competition to find and log the most species in and around campus, using the free app iNaturalist.


How your school can compete...IT’S EASY!

  • Take photos of specimens in and around campus using iNaturalist.
  • Identify as many specimens as you can; both WILD and CAPTIVE or CULTIVATED.
  • However, NO potted plants or selfies.
  • Take part during classes, recess, lunch, free periods or organised after-school activities
  • Use to teach about nature, classification or biodiversity.
  • Includes the weekend for parents and community members to join in the fun! 


Why your school should get involved

While competing with other schools, this is a fantastic opportunity to help your students understand biodiversity in their own neighbourhoods and contribute valuable observations to further our understanding of Hong Kong’s urban ecology, which includes the distribution of invasive species and bio-indicators.

Criteria to win

  • Most Observations
  • Most Species           
  • Most Observers       
  • Best Photo


What do you get?

  • iNaturalist Assistance including set-up/training. 
  • Resources and tips for preparation.
  • Prizes for winning (Details coming soon!)
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© Ko Ka Ho
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© Samuel Ho

Walk for Nature promotion

This competition will use iNaturalist, a crowd-sourcing app that allows users to upload geo-linked photographs of species to a global database where they can be identified by other users anywhere in the world. It is also an excellent way of monitoring the biodiversity in and around your area.


WWF-Hong Kong will be integrating iNaturalist into many events, including Walk for Nature and various school programmes, offering opportunities for practice at our Visitor Centres and giving your school an edge! A special discount will be offered to families of students and staff from participating schools who join Walk For Nature at Mai Po Nature Reserve on 2-3 November 2019. Details will be given to the main coordinator of participating schools.


City Nature Challenge

The HKISCNC follows the template of the City Nature Challenge where participants find and document wildlife in cities across the globe and share via the app. The April 2019 event was Hong Kong’s largest collaborative biodiversity engagement exercise, with more than 45 local organisations, institutions and schools involved, and resulted in the city finding more species than Tokyo, London and New York!


The HKISCNC is organised in association with the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.