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Through outdoor experiential learning at our WWF learning centres, children learn about the link between humans and nature, nurturing a positive attitude towards our natural environment.

  • Explore our incredible natural environment
    Learn about nature at Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park and Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre, Tai Po natural coastline & Island House Conservation Studies Centre 
  • Enjoy nature in a FUN way
    Children develop an appreciation for nature through experiential learning and citizen science activities in natural habitats 
  • Enhance collaborative skills
    Group missions encourage active communication and collaboration among children
  • Learn from experienced educators
    Facilitate children’s experience that can be applied to their daily life

Programme starts in January -- book your place now!

Junior Ornithologist

Ever wondered why Mai Po Nature Reserve is called a bird paradise?

Join our Junior Ornithologist programme and let your kids view first-hand the thousands of migratory birds that pass through the reserve each year. Kids ages 6-12 will discover the world of ornithology while developing patience and observation skills through bird watching, games and a variety of other activities, including keeping a “wild journal”. Limited capacity.


Dates: 11, 12, 18 January
  • Explore Hong Kong’s only wetland nature reserve
  • Fun games about birds
Lunch @ Mai Po Nature Reserve (provided by WWF)
  • Observe and record migratory birds

Junior Urban Ecologist

Be one of our Junior Urban Ecologists and discover Hong Kong’s rich and extraordinary urban biodiversity at city parks and natural coastlines. Through games and observation at Tai Po Waterfront Park and Island House Conservation Studies Centre, children and parents will learn about the relationship between organisms and the environment, while nurturing interest in local species. They will also create their own urban “Pokédex” for recording urban wildlife encountered.


Dates: 8, 22,23 February
  • Learn about urban ecology through interactive games
  • Discover urban biodiversity
Lunch @ Island House (provided by WWF)
  • Natural coastal exploration
  • Create urban “Pokédex”

Junior Oceanographer 

Kids will explore a marine environment and experience the work of an oceanographer at Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park.  They will learn to observe beach organisms as well as microscopic plankton and investigate seawater quality and its relationship with marine life. The programme content aligns with General Studies curriculum and STEM education.


Dates: 19, 25, 26 April
  • Coastal exploration
  • Use of scientific equipment to find out characteristics of seawater
Lunch @ Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park (provided by WWF)
  • Plankton observation & art workshop
  • Coral observation on glass-bottom boat